Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


The Tack Shooter is the second tower to be unlocked in Bloons TDX, at rank 2. It shoots 8 tacks around it with each shot. It costs $370 to place.


Tack Shooter
Faster Shooter
Shoots Faster
Tier 1
Total cost: $540
Unlock the challenge for this tower by unlocking 5M (Ring of Fire).

Complete the challenge to unlock 3S (Bomb Sprayer).

Even More Tacks
Shoots Even Faster
Tier 2
Total cost: $770
Blade Shooter
Blades pop 3 bloons and move faster
Tier 3L
Total cost: $1,510
Red Hot Tacks
Pops lead and melts ceramic
Tier 3M
Total cost: $1,110
Tack Sprayer
Shoots 16 tacks
Tier 3R
Total cost: $1,400
Bomb Sprayer
Shoots bombs in eight directions
Tier 3S
Total cost: $2,970
Rank 17
BP x2

Max. Torque Blades
Blades spin, giving them more range and power
Tier 4L
Total cost: $2,840
Rank 17
BP x3

Flame Jets
Four Jets pop several layers off of several bloons
Tier 4M
Total cost: $2,660
Rank 17
BP x3

Tack Storm
Shoots a storm of tacks
Tier 4R
Total cost: $3,700
Rank 17
BP x15

Firecracker Shooter
Firecrackers have wilder explosions
Tier 4S
Total cost: $8,870
Rank 41
BP x5

Blade Maelstrom
Launches a wave of blades
Tier 5L
Total cost: $5,640
Rank 41
BP x7

Ring of Fire
Big ring of fire rapidly pops 3 layers of bloon
Tier 5M
Total cost: $6,560
Rank 41
BP x7

Tack Typhoon
Unleash a Typhoon of tacks on the whole track
Tier 5R
Total cost: $9,300
Rank 41
BP x25

Pretty and dangerous for bloons
Tier 5S
Total cost: $23,270

Total BP to fully unlock: 67


  • Can pop camo with 4L, 5L, and 5R.
  • Can pop lead with 4L, 5L, all middle upgrades, and all stacked upgrades.
  • Can damage HTAs with the ability on 5L, 4M, 5M, and all stacked upgrades.



  • Good spread damage, especially with right and stack paths.
  • Good at shield removal early game.
  • Decently versatile early game tower.
  • 4M, 5M, 4S, and 5S, are some of the very few towers that can do AoE damage to shields.
  • Good for time trials.


  • Requires the stack upgrade and/or Monkey Village support to do well late game.
  • Only really useful at corners/loops.
  • Struggles against high tier bloons.
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