Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


The Super Monkey is the god of all towers. With some of the strongest (but most expensive) upgrades out there, this is the perfect late-game tower. Costs $2500.


Super Monkey
Laser Vision
Lasers pop two bloons
Tier 1
Total cost: $5,400
Unlock the challenge for this tower by unlocking 5R (The Annihilator).

Complete the challenge to unlock 3S (Pure Energy Super).

Plasma Blasts
Plasma blasts do much more damage
Tier 2
Total cost: $10,000
Nega Monkey
Has more focus and drains HP from bloons
Tier 3L
Total cost: $19,000
Sun Worshipper
Unleash the sun over a wider area
Tier 3M
Total cost: $26,500
Robo Monkey
Detects camo/Shoots two stronger plasma beams
Tier 3R
Total cost: $20,000
Pure Energy Super
More Beams of Pure Energy
Total cost: $31,000
Rank 39
BP x6

Dark Monkey
Shoots dark matter and has a big sword
Tier 4L
Total cost: $38,900
Rank 39
BP x8

Sun Temple
Sacrifice adjacent towers for extra power ups
Tier 4M
Total cost: $116,500
Rank 39
BP x7

Technological Terror
Does 200% more damage
Tier 4R
Total cost: $47,000
Rank 39
BP x15

Super Energy Monkey
Stronger Energy Beams
Total cost: $86,000
Rank 63
BP x13

Bloons temporarily cannot escape the track
Tier 5L
Total cost: $82,900
Rank 63
BP x17

True Sun God
Popping Power in its purest form!
Tier 5M
Total cost: $716,500
Rank 63
BP x13

The Annihilator
Yup. Total popping hour
Tier 5R
Total cost: $101,000
Rank 63
BP x25

Arcane Guardian
Prevents Birthday Parties
Total cost: $241,000

Total BP to fully unlock: 104


  • Can pop camo with all right upgrades, as well as with 4M and 5M.
  • Can pop lead with all upgrades tier 2 and up.
  • Can damage HTAs with all left, middle and alt upgrades, as well as 4R and 5R.
  • 4M's sacrifices have an entire page dedicated to them.
  • 3L Does Multi layer damage, but has less firerate.



  • Highest damage tower in the game.
  • Good range.


  • Ineffective in early rounds- very expensive and kinda weak base form and 1st tier.
  • Requires 10k$ pop lead.
  • Requires 20k$ minimum to pop camo.
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