Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


The Spike Factory creates piles of spikes within its range. At first each pile contains 3 spikes but it can be upgraded to have more spikes per pile. Costs $750.


Spike Factory
Bigger Pile
Spike pile now pops 12 bloons
Tier 1
Total cost: $1,450
Unlock the challenge for this tower by unlocking 5M (Nebula).

Complete the challenge to unlock 3S (Shield Generator).

Faster Piling
Produces spikes nearly twice as fast
Tier 2
Total cost: $2,700
Spike Ball Factory
Does more damage to armored bloons
Tier 3L
Total cost: $5,100
Titanium Spikes
Titanium spikes pop twice as much and last longer
Tier 3M
Total cost: $5,700
Moab Shredr
Does more damage to MOAB class bloons
Tier 3R
Total cost: $6,100
Shield Generator
Shields that block and pop bloons
Tier 3S
Total cost: $6,200
Rank 36
BP.png x5

Spiked Mines
Mines explode when they run out of spikes
Tier 4L
Total cost: $13,600
Rank 36
BP.png x5

Planetery Spikes
Big spike pile pops 75 bloons
Tier 4M
Total cost: $13,500
Rank 36
BP.png x5

Trvlr Spikes
Generates more spikes that home in on MOABs
Tier 4R
Total cost: $14,000
Rank 36
BP.png x15

Ultra Forcefields
Much stronger forcefields
Tier 4S
Total cost: $17,700
Rank 60
BP.png x9

Spike Wall
Spike wall blocks thousands of bloons
Tier 5L
Total cost: $23,600
Rank 60
BP.png x13

Creates mini-stars that pop 300 bloons
Tier 5M
Total cost: $38,500
Rank 60
BP.png x11

Spike Storm
Covers the track in spikes
Tier 5R
Total cost: $27,000
Rank 60
BP.png x25

Place the entire track on lockdown
Tier 5S
Total cost: $59,700

Total BP.png to fully unlock: 88


  • Can pop camo by default.
  • Can pop lead with all upgrades tier 3 and beyond.
  • Can damage HTAs with all upgrades tier 1 and beyond.
  • The homing spikes from 4R have infinite range.
  • 5M factory deals damage to shielded or static bloons instead of popping them on contact.
  • Nebulas regrow over time, as long as they haven't reached their lifespans.
  • Stack path upgrades cannot bounce back DDTs, ZOMGs and Trojan Bloons, but can slow down DDTs.



  • Can deal with bloons that sneak by your defenses.
  • Has powerful abilities.
  • Left path is good at taking out MOAB class bloons.
  • Stack path gives towers more time to target bloons.
  • A single nebula factory can solo a ZOMG.


  • Bad against shielded bloons and static bloons.
  • VERY expensive at higher tiers.
  • Ineffective if placed near the path entrance.
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