Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki

Special Agents are secondary towers that can be purchased with Monkey Money.

Angry Squirrel

Angry Squirrel.PNG

L1 - Gets angry when bloons leak.

L2 - Get angrier overtime.

L3 - throws bigger acorns.

L4 - Gets furious and shoots up a storm.

Bloonberry Bush

Bloonberry Bush.PNG

L1 - Pops bloons that pass by.

L2 - Regrows thorns as the wave passes.

L3 - Shoots thorns out at the bloons.

L4 - Shoots a powerful vine attack.



L1 - Placed on land and water, Stores and shoots water.

L2 - Gains more water.

L3 - More nozzles.

L4 - Overfills the sprinkler.

Monkey Nurse

Monkey Nurse.PNG

L1 - Heals stun and gives lives.

L2 - Stronger healing and more lives.

L3 - Stronger healing and more lives.

L4 - Heals + Lives, Can prevent death.

Banana Mobile

L1 - Drives and sucks up Bananas

L2 - Better Fuel Efficiency

L3 - Sharp Banana Peels

L4 - Turbo Jet Engines