Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


The Plasma Monkey is a strong MOAB-class destruction machine. It's also rather effective against shields and rainbows due to its high attack speed. It's generally a good tower and will happily last you far into late game. Cost $1050.


Plasma Monkey
Quad Plasma
Four Plasma whips
Tier 1
Total cost: $2,060
Unlock the challenge for this tower by unlocking 5L (Moab Drain).

Complete the challenge to unlock 3S (Plasma Whip).

Plasma does more damage
Tier 2
Total cost: $3,210
Bloon Drain
Drains money from bloons
Tier 3L
Total cost: $5,010
Solar Flares
Does a massive amount of damage
Tier 3M
Total cost: $6,560
Bloons take extra damage over time
Tier 3R
Total cost: $6,210
Plasma Whip
Rapid Short Range Attack
Total cost: $8,210
Rank 38
BP x4

Eight Plasma Whips
Tier 4L
Total cost: $8,510
Rank 38
BP x5

Gamma Rays
Four times as effective
Tier 4M
Total cost: $18,460
Rank 38
BP x5

When bloons get hit, they explode!
Tier 4R
Total cost: $12,210
Rank 38
BP x15

Plasma Punch
Chance For Knockback
Total cost: $24,210
Rank 62
BP x7

Moab Drain
Completely suck a MOAB-class bloon dry
Tier 5L
Total cost: $14,010
Rank 62
BP x13

Omega Rays
Obliterates everything it touches
Tier 5M
Total cost: $46,460
Rank 62
BP x11

Red Shift
Energizes the screen and very popful
Tier 5R
Total cost: $28,210
Rank 62
BP x25

Pure Doom
Total cost: $90,210

Total BP to fully unlock: 85


  • Can pop lead by default.
  • Can damage HTAs with the explosions from 4R and 5R (but not the direct attack, there have to be other bloons around to pop).
  • Because each blob of plasma has very low PP, it benefits greatly from Monkey Village's first upgrade, drastically increasing the damage output of all but the middle upgrades, and making it possible for the middle upgrades to damage HTAs (1+ village allows a 5M Plasma Monkey to damage HTAs, and 3R villages allow 4M Plasma Monkeys to damage HTAs).



  • Incredible firing speed make it very good against shields.
  • Potential to upgrade into some of the strongest attacks in the game.
  • Bloon Drain gives you extra money.
  • Solar Flares can take out a Mini Moab almost instantly.


  • Can't pop camo.
  • Outshone by the Super Monkey in terms of pure popping power.
  • Expensive.
  • Very bad against DDT.
  • Barely has popping power.
  • Almost completely incapable of damaging HTAs without a 3R Monkey Village.
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