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Missions are challenges in BTDX. They have certain things exclusive to that mission.

Color Splash: Defeat colored bloons plus gray bloons with a splash of color on them, that when popped, multiple bloons of the same color spawn

Non Stop Assault: Pop all bloons in the waves in this nonstop challenge before the bloon trogans make it to Monkey Fort!

Flood: Defend Monkey Town Docks against waves with additional water bloons trying to negate your defenses

Blimp Brigade: 25 waves of MOAB Class Bloons to defend against on Factory Conveyor Belts

Necropolis: Use a dimmed flashlight to see The Depths as you defend against evil resurrected bloons trying to leak through!

Solar Storm: Sun Blesses Bloons (SBB's) appear from the Sun Stone in 4 different directions and stun your towers.

Prison Break 1-4 (plus v1 and v4): The Bounty Bloons are trying to escape! Hurry to the Bloon Bouunty Center to beat them back to their cells!