Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki

This page will contain the leaderboard for the highest level reached on any map.


  • NO CHEATING! Cheating includes the following:
    • Changing the games code in anyway.
    • Using a 3rd party hacking device, like Cheat Engine.
    • No Glitches.
  • A Proof must be a video starting with the browser open on the user's profile, then going to BTDX in one take.


Record Holder Highest Rank Reached Notes Version Map Round Proof
jakek128 1st. Life Insurance is stupidly OP. Finale Bloonlight Throwback 259
ZAPaDASH04 2nd Ray of Doom = ∞ popping power Bloon Oasis 207
ZAPaDASH04 2nd used the random tower stacking glitch but I couldn't upgrade them so it didnt help V1.2 Bloon Oasis 185
EndyChicosAneth 3rd Used the spike money glitch 171 Imgur album of screenshots with descriptions.

Note that these leaderboards are highly outdated, and rounds far higher than 259 have been reached by numerous users.