Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki

This is a page dedicated to all the infinite monkey money glitches

Hacking / save-editing (updated)[]

This allows the player to cheat in monkey money as much as they like.

  1. go into windows start menu and search %appdata%.
  2. in the roaming folder go 1 step up and click the folder called 'local'.
  3. in the folder click the folder called 'bloons TDX'.
  4. in there are 4 .sav files, right click bettersave.sav and open in notepad.
  5. in notepad search 'monkeymoney' and change it to whatever you like!

(this can't be patched so it will work for all versions)

Credit to Steefgozercool for finding this.


This glitch makes the player earn the most monkey money possible in the shortest amount of time so instead of farming maps for BP, you can instead use this exploit.

  1. Go into Monkey Meadows (the first map in the game) this glitch also applies to every other map by the way.
  2. Click the top 5 Modifiers (Six Towers, Wave Squeeze, Wave Skip, Faster Bloons, Stronger Bloons).
  3. Then click the "Play" WITHOUT selecting a mode as many times as you want. This in turn gives you a lot of score.
  4. Select NORMAL MODE.
  5. Play 2 or 3 rounds then go home.
  6. Then feast with the money you've earned

Credit to bskhjowd for finding out this glitch.

Version 1.2 has since patched this glitch.

Glitch 2[]

  1. Play sandbox mode on any map ex: space portals
  2. Click go
  3. Keep clicking go until you think you have enough points
  4. Go to home and you have a bunch of monkey money

Note: in some maps you can use auto to make tons of points rapidly

Note: it doesn't work if bloons are on screen

Credit to mylesdx for finding this glitch

Some Side Notes: I find it to work on Monkey Meadows; If you press auto you get it much faster; And the glitch above and this one work in