Infinite Cash Glitch

Glitch #1

  1. Place a very cheap tower (Ex. Dart Monkey) where the sell button would be.
  2. Place a more expensive tower somewhere else.
  3. click the expensive tower. Now click the sell button over where the dart monkey is
  4. Profit.

Not patched as of kinda fixed version

Profit is made of how much the expensive tower cost EX: if you have a sniper (sell for 336) you will profit that amount

Glitch #2

  2. Press H to get Road Spikes
  3. Press Esc to cancel the selection.
  • You gain $30 every time.
  • This glitch works infinitely but really hurts your hands.
  • The reason this glitch works is due to loopholes in coding - the road spikes are meant to take away money when they're selected, and return money when deselected. However, they're only taking away money when placed. Simply removing the return of money would fix the glitch.
  • As of 1.4 Pre-release v3.5 it does not work

Glitch #3

  1. Play through the game normally until you have enough money to buy a 5R Sniper Monkey(22,120) and a 4R Monkey Village(11,800), which is 33,920 total cash.
  2. Place down your Sniper Monkey wherever is convenient for you, and place your Monkey Village nearby.
  3. Repeatedly spam your Sniper Monkey's cooldown until you have 11,800 cash, and then place down another Village within range of your Sniper Monkey, increasing the speed at which you can gain money.
  • You gain $1250 each time you use the Sniper Money's ability.
  • This glitch works infinitely but it takes a while to make enough money to start doing it.
  • The reason this glitch works is due to the Monkey Village giving a small amount of cooldown on each pulse, and it still sends out these pulses when the round has stopped.
  • Works as of Pre-release v3.5.


Credit to BloodDragon69 for finding out glitch #1.

Credit to Corsaka for finding out glitch #2.

Credit to DefensorsPacis for finding out glitch #3.


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