Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki

Graveyard is a medium map in BTDX. It's a map with graves(of course) and has 2 entrances.


It has 2 entrances, let's call it the left entrance and the right entrance. The left one starts with a corner then a mediocre-long verticle road, a short horizontal road, then it goes down and splits into two path:the upper(the first one) leads to a moutain(a shortcut for the Bloons); the second one is just a short zigzag, then a long path.The right one is very short so I can't really detail it.

Easter Egg:

There are 3 graves:

  • The left one says:"Rip ISAB"-a famous Youtuber that does BTD6, BTDbattles,... You may ask why does it says "RIP", well he hasn't upload any videos about BTDX anymore but hey, he's a cool BTD Youtuber. You should check him out:[1]
  • The middle one say:"RIP Jay". Jay is a Discord user on Ramaf Party's discord server who has contributed to BTDX. He doesn't speak much now, AKA dead.


The Destroyer of Monkeys (tDoM) appears on this map for its bounty. It comes out the left.