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Btdx glitch

Me using the glitch in Monkey Meadows.

This page describes the several glitches in this game, and how to recreate them (if possible)


-Infinite Cash

-Placement Glitch

-When a 5M bloonchipper sucks up a shielded MOAB class bloon, the shield is instantly removed


-When using the backspace hotkey to sell towers, and your mouse is still over the tower, the range display will still stay, and block part of the map. This can be fixed by upgrading/selling/both a tower. 

-When spamming the hotkey for road spikes/grilled pineapples, you spend extra cash

-If you put a tower and sacrifice it to the temple, it's hitbox will still be there, and prevent you from placing towers there unless you do the Placement Glitch

-When you upgrade the monkey village used for the infinite cash glitch that ISAB showed, the "infinite cash" is only a visual glitch, and continuing to use this glitch will send your money to the negatives, and give you a near unavoidable game over.

-Sharp Darts costs an extra $100 when a Dart Ranger is near by a Dart Monkey, making the upgrade actually cost $220 instead of $120.

-With Dart Ranger, placing monkeys still requires at least $200, but still only takes $100.

-When pressing the "X" icon as opposed to the escape key to cancel buying road spikes or pineapples, you pay the money for placing them, and it places them on the map where the "X" was covering.


-5G Boomerangs placed at the edge of the map cannot throw their boomerangs. This could be an advantage as the rotating boomerangs stack up and cause mass damage, but the 5G boomerangs cannot hit bloons further away.

-If you select the Clown Bloon then the Horror Bloon then both bloons will be selected.

-Losing to the last bloons of a mission can end with a win instead.

Game Crashing[]

Randomly when you use the infinite cash glitch, the game will crash.

The game will crash if a Bloonchipper sucks up a patrol bloon.

The Game crashes if you click to play on freeplay in nightmare mode, and your progress and bloon soul are not given to you


-Part of the Infinite Cash Glitch