Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


Game modes are an important part of BTDX. They effect how the game is played.

Main Modes[]


The Regular way to play. Reasonable difficulty. Play through 90 rounds starting with $750. For those just playing casually.


Much harder than normal difficulty. 75 Rounds of stronger bloons with $900. For those who want a challenge.

  • Stronger Waves
  • More Starting Cash
  • Stronger Blimps (?)


Extremely difficult. 60 Rounds of much harder and Nightmare exclusive bloons starting with $1100. For those who are experts at the game.

Time Trial[]

Play through all 90 Rounds as fast as you can! You can send rounds whenever you want, even during other rounds. Time Trial Is about Strategy, and knowing how much you can take. You will get a medal every time you beat a map within 5 minutes, once per map

Other Modes[]

Mission Mode[]

Play Through Missions with special rules like flood, with its 1 very long wave, or Blimp Brigade, With its MOAB class bloons only.

Challenge Mode[]

Play through challenges with twists like Beat multiple rounds with a set amount of money, or one tower type only.

Bounty Mode[]

Fight boss like bounty bloons, with 4 tiers each. Some bosses, like The Bully, The Clown, and The Annoying Bloon

Sandbox Mode[]

You have infinite cash and lives, and can choose which bloons come and when. Made for testing with strategies. Or you just just spam T0 Dart monkeys