Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


Flood is A Mission In btdx. it takes place on Monkey Town Docks. It consists of 1 Very Long Round. You Get $2100 To start off, Plus 600 Lives. you get consistent income during the Wave.

The Mission features a unique Dark Blue bloon type,which move fast, but get completely destroyed in one hit.


  • Once You hit the Go button, the bloons won't stop until you destroy them all, or they destroy you.
  • Don't get Farms unless they're 3L/4L/5L, as they will only give you a couple of bananas.
  • Don't Get Tempted to use the 5L Banana Tree Ability (Insurance fraud) because you have 600 lives. you need all the lives that you can get...
  • A Level 2 Sub can hold off the first wave (the First couple bloons) of bloons by its self, but will not be able to hold off the first wave of Dark Blue bloons.
  • Don't Expect To beat this mission on your first Try.
  • Have a strategy!


You can actually lose, and win right afterwards. (seen on aliensrock52 stream)