Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki

This page is for all the exploits found in Bloons TD X.

file3.sav Exploit (Infinite Monkey Money/Level/Agents/etc.)

Bloons TD X has an exploit which allows you to edit the values of certain things such as your Monkey Money, what level you are, seperate agents, trophies, and more. This part will explain how to perform the exploit.

  1. Go to %appdata% (Can be done by typing "%appdata%" into the Windows Menu. If this doesn't work, go to C:/Users/(Your Profile Here)/AppData)
  2. If you are in Roaming, go back and head into Local.
  3. Once in Local, find a folder named Bloons_TDX
  4. Inside the folder are 2 files: file1.sav, and file3.sav. Focus on file3.sav.
  5. Right click file3.sav, and click Open with... and select any text editing program. Notepad will work fine for this method.
  6. Once inside, there will be a large list of different variables with different amounts. In here, you'll be able to edit certain things, in which a list of some that are most useful are:
  • "rank" - This is your current level. Required for upgrading towers to their next upgrade in their path branches.
  • "monkeymoney" - As implied, this is your Monkey Money.
  • "monkeynurse", "bananamobile", "angrysquirrel", "sprinkler" and "bloonburybush" - All are for the amount of whichever agent they are.
  • "bsouls" - Amount of boss bloons defeated.

This exploit will most likely never be patched, as it is internal data for the game. Unless the name of the variables for these change, or there is some sort of smart detection system put in place for these values, this exploit most likely will never be patched out. Credit to Steefgozercool for being the original person to discover this exploit, and also Ultragamer564 for finding more variables in file3.sav that can be edited.