Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


There are 4 currencies in Bloons TD X.

Monkey Money (MM)[]

Monkey Money is used to buy Special Agents and bloon points. It is much more common than Bloon Points.

Ways to obtain Monkey Money[]

  • Getting to high rounds and completing tracks (Varies).
  • Getting high scores on tracks (60-180 MM).
  • Doing bounties (Varies).

Used For[]

  • Buying special agents and Bloon Points (60-400 MM per purchase).

Bloon Points (BP) BP[]

Bloon Points are used to unlock tier 4 and 5 upgrades for towers. They are much less plentiful than Monkey Money.

Ways to obtain Bloon Points[]

  • Getting to high rounds and completing tracks (Varies).
  • Getting high scores on tracks (1 or 2 BP).
  • Doing bounties (Varies).
  • Completing Challenges (as of 1.3.1)(Needs Research).
  • Buying BP with monkey money (4 per pack).
  • Leveling up (Predicted 3 BP per level up).

Used For[]

  • Unlocking 4th and 5th tier upgrades (Maximum 25, minimum 3).

Bloon Souls (BS)[]

Bloon Souls are a new currency in BTDX, only in 1.4 and above. They are considered the hardest currency to get in the game.

Ways to obtain Bloon Souls[]

  • Doing Bounties (1 BS per bounty level).
  • Nightmare Mode (1 BS per completion).

Used For[]

  • The final mission (Level 1 needs 30, 40 For Level 2, the rest is unknown). (Edit: Level 3 needs 50 souls)


Trophies are also a new currency in BTDX, only in 1.4 and above. They are used to show progress.

Ways to obtain Trophies[]

  • Completing achievements (1 per achievement).

Used for[]

  1. Getting Goodie tokens (10 per token).

Goodie Tokens[]

Goodie Tokens are spent in the Goodie store. They look like Bloon Points, but are yellow instead of blue.

Ways to obtain Goodie Tokens[]

  • Earn 10 trophies.

Used for[]

  1. Buying stuff in the Goodie store.
  2. The second page of Goodie store items actually effects gamplay and mechanics, whereas the first page is cosmetic changes to bloons and monkeys.

A Quick Guide to easily obtain MM, BP, and adjacently XP and secret paths[]

This can process can be made faster using a bug with Bloonberry bushes which makes them give massive pops when depleted

Here is what you want to do:

1: Play the first few tracks on normal, in order, until you reach rank 37

2: At rank 37, purchase the middle path tier 4 heli pilot upgrade, which is apache dartship

3: Keep on playing time trials on Monkey Meadow while Using only apaches until you reach rank 46 (you do need to micro, but its not that much)

4: Using all your earned bloon points, go to the SUB and unlock the right path to tier 5, the middle path to 4 or 5, and the left to 4 or 5. (you need right T5 to unlock a mission that is neccesary, tier 5 for all paths is reccomended tho)

5: Play the subs only mission (Look it up on youtube for a tutorial)

6: when you beat the mission, you unlock the (secret) 4th path tier 3, but you have to purchase tier 4 and 5, and you need to for this grinding method

7: Look up a tutorial on how to access 4th paths

8. Play time trials on Monkey Meadow or Bloon Oasis MANY, MANY times, using one secret path T5 sub. That one sub can beat the whole thing in under 3 minutes, or 180 seconds. Do this until you have enough bloon points to unlock all tier 5 non 4th path upgrades (you will level up enough to keep up with the upgrades being unlocked that you need to buy)

9. Spend all your Monkey Money on Bloon Points (You don't need to worry about agents until you get into the higher tier bounties, and for now buying bloon points in addition to earning them will almost DOUBLE the amount of bloon points you get)

10. Go play and beat all the other secret path missions

11. Repeat step 8, but this time, until you have enough bloon points to afford all the other secret path tier 5 upgrades.

That's All The Grinding For Unlocking Towers!


  • It takes 1339+Stack Upgrades BP to unlock all upgrades for all towers.
  • There is no use for BP once you unlock all upgrades for all paths on all towers.
  • The best goodie store item is the last one on the second page, the one closest to the bottom of the screen. It gives 200 extra starting cash every game when equipped.