The Bloonchipper is a tower that sucks in bloons and pops them before spitting them back out. Costs $600.


Sucks Bloons faster and has more range
Bloonchipper 1.png
Tier 1
Total cost: $1,000
Unlock the challenge for this tower by unlocking 5M (Super Wide Funnel).

Complete the challenge to unlock 3S (Dense Chipper).

Advanced Suction
Can suck in bloons like leads, shields, and ceramics
Bloonchipper 2.png
Tier 2
Total cost: $1,500
Bloon Juicer
Sucks the life out of the bloons
Bloonchipper 3L.png
Tier 3L
Total cost: $3,100
Razor Shreder
Pops through 2 layers and pops strong bloons faster
Bloonchipper 3M.png
Tier 3M
Total cost: $2,700
Triple Nozzle
Sucks 3 bloons at once
Bloonchipper 3R.png
Tier 3R
Total cost: $3,600
Dense Chipper
Sucks in crowds and crushes them
Bloonchipper 3SM.png
Tier 3S
Total cost: $6,000
Rank 29
BP.png x4

Shoots out rotten rubber
Bloonchipper 4L.png
Tier 4L
Total cost: $6,700
Rank 29
BP.png x4

Quad Core Rotors
Pops through 4 layers and through strong bloons instantly
Bloonchipper 4M.png
Tier 4M
Total cost: $6,000
Rank 29
BP.png x4

Turbo Sucker
Sucks much much faster
Bloonchipper 4R.png
Tier 4R
Total cost: $7,800
Rank 29
BP.png x15

Gravity Well
Exerts Massive Pressure
Bloonchipper 4SM.png
Tier 4S
Total cost: $18,000
Rank 53
BP.png x9

Rubber Vampire
Unleash the mighty bloon blender
Bloonchipper 5L.png
Tier 5L
Total cost: $15,700
Rank 53
BP.png x11

Super Wide Funnel
Sucks in Moab Class Bloons
Bloonchipper 5M.png
Tier 5M
Total cost: $18,500
Rank 53
BP.png x9

Supa Vac
Suck in everything at once
Bloonchipper 5R.png
Tier 5R
Total cost: $18,300
Rank 53
BP.png x25

Singularity Engine
Generates Black Holes
Bloonchipper 5SM.png
Tier 5S
Total cost: $58,000

Total BP.png to fully unlock: 81


  • Can pop camo with 4L, 5L, 5R, any stacked upgrade, and all abilities.
  • Can pop lead with any upgrade tier 2 or better.
  • Can damage HTAs with 5M or any stacked upgrade.
  • Can't damage MOAB-class bloons without 5M or any stacked upgrade.
  • Can't damage shields before tier 2.



  • Middle path can deal multiple layers of damage quickly. (4M does 4 layers).
  • Left side (Bloon Juicer) can give lives.
  • 5S ability is absolutely broken with 5S village


  • Can't deal with grouped bloons well (unless right or stack path).
  • Very bad against MOAB-Class Bloons.(Unless you are using 5M and 3S+)


The Bloonchipper is notorious for being the most glitchy tower in BTDX, commonly crashing due to failing to identify a sucked bloon and other attack-related bugs.

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