Bloons Tower Defense X Wiki


The Big Bully Bloon Continues to lap around the stage before you are dead.


Tier 1 Big Bully Bloon. It is rated Low, (See for rewards) Spawns 1 Pink Big Bully Bloon only at wave 21.

Tier 2 Big bully Family. It is rated medium, Spawns 1 Red Bully Bloon (Round 17), 1 Blue Bully Bloon(Round 20), 1 Green Bully Bloon(Round 22), 1 yellow Bully Bloon(Round 24) and 1 Pink Bully Bloon(Round 26). (Or one of each Big Bully Bloon below)

Tier 3 Big Rage Bloon It is Rated Moderately High, spawns each of the Big Bully bloons but the pink one glows red and has a stunning projectile.

Tier 4 Big Bully Rage Rated high, and the last tier. Each of the Big Bully Bloon are spawned and 1 extra devil aura Big Bully Bloon, both glows red and has a stun projectile, but the devil aura has more health!


For Tier 1, Wait till Round 3 so you can get enough money to buy a plasma monkey. Buy it and prevent too much live loss (Glitch: Cant Place towers) Upgrade it twice and upgrade it to Bloon drain. (Should be at Round 20) Get a Tier 2 Spike tower next so you can defend off Round 31. Once done You ma try buying more plasma monkeys and at the end you should have 4.

For Tier 2, Things are little more advanced. Same as Above tier 1, but buy a tier 0 Spike Factory. By round 23 You should have killed 1 Red Big Bully Bloon. By mid Round 26, The Blue Big Bully Bloon should have been killed.

For tier 3 and 4... Im not quite sure.